Keeping bibs in baby at a time-Free shipping.

What is Poo-kuh Baby?

Hook and Loop

Adjustable Fasteners :)


I finally found a bib that stays on my teething baby! 

Scottsdale mom

Our baby loves pulling off his bibs because of the velcro around the neck. I love you guys thought of snaps to keep secure. Thank you!

Jacksonville mom

Happy I bought 4 of each color at your booth. The thick absorbent material keeps our babies clean and dry.

San Diego Kids Expo mom

Wonderful idea and much needed for busy babies who pull and tug on there bibs! 

Atlanta mom

 I like that you that you can remove the strap when you don't need it. Cute concept. 

Colorado dad

with all their teething drool, your bibs have really been helpful. Don't have to keep changing to a new bib!

San Diego mom